SLITTER CUTTER (Knives & Blades)

Circular Slitting Cutter Knives Whether it is for standard industrial shear knives needs or custom-made shear knives, Dee Tee Industries is your one-stop supplier for all your need of cutting solution with the use of shear knives We manufacture shear Knife that has been a standard-bearer for years when it comes to customer satisfaction and fast turnaround and benchmarked quality at par with international standard.  READ MORE ABOUT SHEAR KNIVES
ROTARY SLITTING CUTTER KNIVES : Catering to the phenomenal demands of various engineering industry, we offer metal slitting knives, industrial metal shears, guillotine shears and rotary shears for various metal slitting and cutting operations. The product is continuously demanded for its features of high wear resistance, minimum profile re-grinding, optimum hardness & toughness and high productivity..  READ MORE ABOUT METAL SLITTING KNIVES 
FRICTION SAW   We manufacture friction saw blades  using high quality raw material to wear resistant steel . The Friction saw blades are precisely hardened, grounded, skillfully straightened and tensioned for the cutting iron & steel tubes, pipes, channels, angles, round bars, metal plates ,etc. Specially designed tooth profiles of the friction saw blades to enable smooth cutting operation of hard metal surfaces. READ MORE ABOUT FRICTION SAW 
PUNCH TYPE TUBE CUT OFF KNIVES Dee Tee manufactures Tube cut off knives in various styles to fulfill the requirement of tube industry.These tube cut off knives are manufactured from high speed steel and best heat treatment process is applied to the finished tub cut off knives in order to provide a robust tube cutting operation in tube industry of varying hardness and materials.  READ MORE ABOUT TUBE CUT OFF KNIVES 
WOOD & PAPER SLITTING KNIVES We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying wood cutters, industrial wood chipper, wood cutting knives, wood peeling knives, straight knives and board cutter bend for various wood industries across the globe. The product is developed using quality materials and possess features of dimensionally stable, improved veneer quality & size, uniform edge wear and durability.  MORE WOOD & PAPER CUTTING KNIVES
HIGH SPEED STEEL SLITTING CUTTERS  We are manufacturer of  wide range of Friction Circular Saw Blades. used for cutting iron & steel tubes, pipes, channels, angles, rods and profiles. These Blades are also useful for the cutting of carbon steel in cold condition. Our range finds wide application in flying or stationary sawing machines of continuously operating profile. Our Circular saw blades  are durable and compatible in nature. High quality circular saw blades are available at attractive prices.   READ MORE ABOUT CIRCULAR SAW BLADES