Slitter Shafts & Arbors

Arbour Shaft,Slitter Arbour Shaft Manufacturer,Sllitter Arbor Shaft Supplier ,Arbor Shaft Manufacturer India,Shafts for slitter cutter We are manufacturer of SLITTER ARBOR SHAFT and is available a range of Slitter Shaft  to suit your slitting requirements. Our slitter arbor shafts provide quick and precise repositioning . slitter shafts are designed and built to your specifications and can be retrofitted in any slitting section of a machine. A wide variety of support bearings and drive mechanisms can be accommodated by design of arbor slitter shaft. WE undertake custom made specification for slitter shafts for wide range of slitter shafts applications.  This shaft is designed for shear slitting operations that demand fast, accurate, and safe repositioning of the lower anvils (female rings) with minimal effort

Some Important Features Of slitter Arbor Shaft
  • Continuous locking elements –position knives quickly and easily without tools – no more set screws
  • Knives held in position with compressed air –locks all knives simultaneously and securely - precision tolerancesguard against axial or radial runout concerns
  • Runs at high speed without vibration – dynamically balanced
  • Readily retrofits to older slitters - you can re-use your current anvils
  • Serviced easily on slitter – no removal necessary
  • Available for wide range of slitter knives and blades
  • Available with our without rotary union connection
  • Designed to withstand mill environment Durable construction
  • Positive and reliable gripping and locking of anvil rings
The arbor slitter shafts is durable construction, reliable grip and fast, accurate positioning of the arbor slitter shafts make this slitter shaft ideal for medium duty applications that require frequent changes to knife holder position. Lower knife rings are easily repositioned and held firmly in place with external expanding gripping elements specially designed to withstand abuse and abrasion of all slitting cutting operation.

SLITTER SHAFT hold bottom knife rings in the slitting section firmly in place, while allowing for easy and precise repositioning of the rings. We provide an advanced slitting solution that delivers greater accuracy, quicker setups and unmatched slit edge quality for any converting operation. Includes basic, semi-automatic and automatic upgrades

METAL SHEARS AND METAL SLITTERS : Metals shears and Metal Slitter knives that are manufactured by DeeTee Industries made from best High Quality imported Steel with perfect heat treatment which builds correct micro structure.  More Details

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