Metal Slitter Cutter Blades & Knives

METAL SLITTING KNIVES are manufactured by us of high quality and sustained durability, Knives are manufactured from various high quality alloys steel grades for optimum for cutting performance for different metals & sizes. Longer life between regrinding with sharp uniform shearing edge after each regrind. Uniform knife wear due to precise steel composition. More tonnage throughout tool life. Metal slitting knives are suitable for slitting and cutting operations for non ferrous metal like Aluminum & Brass as well as ferrous metal materials like mild steel CRGO, CRNGO, & stainless steels. Right material quality & micro structure for strength. Optimum hardness for wear resistance. Heat treated for optimum toughness. Perfectly engineered for dimensional stability & long life.


Metal slitting knives are provided with extra-sharp edges of which are generally a rotary blades. The designs and specification of Metal slitting knives depends on its use for cutting various metals which can be ferrous and non ferrous metals to be cut. We at Dee Tee can design a custom metal slitting knives for the metals which are to be cut / slittered at the clients production unit. some metal slitting jobs may need finely sharpened edgesthat could split a hair while other jobs may need rounder or square edge. Depending on the job, you may also need small, large, split or multi-grooved blades. Here at Dee tee Industries Limited, we manufacture metal slitting knives for all of the major converting machines. Our slitters cutters are all made in India which are exported globally to over 50 countries in various continents. These metal slitting knives are built to stand up to even the most demanding cutting jobs.

Metal Slitting Knives for Industrial Cutting

Various types of Metal slitting knives are manufactured by us which are widely used in industries, some of the metal slitting knives are Guillotine Shear Blades for Hot & Cold Working. Hot Crop & Scrap Shear Blades, Billet & Bloom Shear Blades Flying Shear Blades. Bar Shear Blades, Scrap Chopper Blades. Crop Shear Blades for Angles, Channels, T-Sections, Beams, Bars, Rounds, Squares & other sections. Notching & Punching Tools.  Rotary Shear Blades for Hot & Cold Working HR & CR Slitting Cutters. Hot Saws, Flying Saws, Friction Saws HSS Segmental Saws, TCT Saws etc Slitting Spacers, Over-arm Spacers & Separators.


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