Hot Shear Knives & Blades

Hot Shear Knives Supplier,Hot Shear Knives Manaufacturer,Hot Shear Blades supplier,Hot  Shear Blades Manufacturer India HOT SHEAR KNIVES : Hot shear knives are the shear knives which are used as a shear knives for cutting metals at high temperature as steel mills and steel billet casting plants. Hot Shear Knives are used for Hot Shearing of  Metal strips, metal plates, metal sections, Angles, Channels, Girders. bars, billets. etc. For each hot shearing application our shear blades has the perfect solution. DeeTee industries have decades of experience as a manufacturer of hot shear blades and are also exporting hot shear blades and knives globally (over 60 countries spread across various continents). These hot shear blades provides you the lowest possible cost per ton of metal sheared, no matter whether you process ultra high tensile strength plates or thin foil of steel coils.

The hot shear Knives crop the head and tail ends, or divide and cut-to-length continuously metal cast shapes whether slab, thin slab, strips, billet, bloom, or bar. Hot shear blades also remove the dross or beard that are formed on the edge during the casting of slabs in Concast. Hot shear blades are used between the caster delivery section and the first rolling mill stand, tunnel, or re-heat furnace. such shear knives and blades are used for shearing  and typically operate at temperatures in excess of 1800s/1000 and may be used without or with indirect coolant. Hot shear knives are manufactured with the careful selections of quality tested  tool steel, heat treated to perfection under stringent metallurgical control subscribing to the application. These shear knives have high wear resistance & Tensile shear strength with sharp edges and superlative surface finish. Close tolerances & precision thickness & width parallelism..


Hot shear knives are manufactured from forged / rolled tool steels, special alloy steels and various grades of steel. Shear knives and blades available in various grades for best cutting performance for different metals & of various thickness. The Hot Shear Knives has a longer life between regrinding with sharp uniform shearing cutting edge after each regrind of the edges of the hot shear knives. Uniform knife of the shear blades and uniform wear is due to precise steel composition. More tonnage throughout tool life. These Shear knives are best suited for cutting and shearing operation for both ferrous and non ferrous metals. Right material quality & micro structure for strength. Optimum hardness for wear resistance. Heat treated for optimum toughness. Perfectly engineered for dimensional stability & long life.

Shear knives and blades manufactured by Dee Tee Industries have a diversified range of application for all shearing and cutting operations in an Manufacturing Industries to Engineering workshops for day to day trouble free smooth finish cutting and shearing solution