High Speed Steel Slitting Knives & Blades

Market leaders as a manufacturer of blades and knives. We has developed a new manufacturing technology to raise saw cutting performance and attain high levels of outstanding blade life. An ideal saw blade for stainless steel tube cutting which can easily be re-coated and re-ground. The  High Speed Steel saw blades are manufactured from best available raw materials and heat treated to ensure best performance from HSS slitter cutter saw blades.

We are also Manufacturer and Suppliers of Slitting Line Tooling Blades & Cutters and various components

High speed steel blades can also be supplied with the following coatings:

  • TiN - Titanium Nitride:  recommended for cutting steel tubes and profiles TiN coating allows saw cutting at much higher speeds
  • TiALN - Titanium Aluminum Nitride:  Recommended for cutting applications on which fast cutting speeds or very hard materials cause higher temperatures. TiALN provides better protection against higher temperatures than a TiN coating.
  • TiCN - Titanium Carbon Nitride:  Suitable for cutting all steel types including stainless steel and has a very low friction coefficient, extending the cutting blade life in steel tube cutting applications.


  • High Speed Steel Blades are resistant to Wear and tear in slitting cutting process
  • Dimensional accuracy maintained in high speed steel blades
  • High speed operations at high temperature of metal slitting and shearing
  • Sharp cutting edges for burr free cutting.

High Speed Steel Circular Saw Knives

HSS circular saw blades are primarily designed for cutting pipes, sections, solid ferrous materials and also to a less significant extent non-ferrous material. We can supply HSS circular saw blades as bright finished, as steam treated  or with a flash chrome coating.

  • High Speed circular saw blades are designed for cutting non-ferrous metals such as brass and aluminum.
  • High Speed circular saw blades are designed for a longer blade life and are mainly used for steel cutting.
  • Chrome coated circular saw blades are designed for cutting brass and copper.