Friction Circular Saw Knives & Blades

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FRICTION  CIRCULAR SAW  KNIVES  We are manufacturer of Friction Circular Saw Blades in India , the friction saw offered by us is used for slitting and cutting operation for both ferrous and non ferrous materials. Our friction saw is also applicable for cutting and slitting operation which is done by the process of dry smelt cutting which is also called as friction cutting

The saw blades are precisely hardened, ground, skillfully straightened and tensioned which are used to cut metal of various hardness like for  cutting of iron & steel tubes, pipes, channels, angles, rods and profiles.

We also manufacture friction saw with custom specification for bulk orders based on the requirement of the customers to optimize the use of the blades and of the working process to carry out.

  Specification Of Friction Saw Blades & Knives for various slitting and cutting operations

  • Steel Grade: Material with alloy composition optimized according to the required life of tool. Chrome-vanadium steel grade with good harden ability & tool life for saw blades.
  • Cooling:  As the friction saw melts the cut by means of friction heat, cooling before or during cutting must be avoided. Cooling after the cut with flood water may increase the life of the blade
  • Heat Treatment:  Through hardened & tempered usually for various diameters
  • Coatings:  Single or multiple chrome plating optional for improvement of gliding properties & increase of surface hardness.

Friction Saw  knives are provided with extra-sharp tooth edges in the circular saw rotary blades. Friction saw knives operation is based on the strength of the frictional heat generated between saw teeth and work piece while the cutting operation is on specially since the the friction saw knives and blades cutting operation are performs at high speed excessive frictional heat is generated with any cutting operation with the use of friction saw knives and blades. Chromium-Vanadium steel is generally used as a raw material for manufacturing of friction saw blades which can sustain its toughness and has ability to resist the stress of high operating speeds (60 - 90 meter per second). Saw should be mounted true and should not run out.


We also manufacturer friction saw blades as per the customers specification and need of the cutting solutions in saw for smelt cutting operations, Custom specification is manufactured only on bulk order