Flat Shear Blades

AS a manufacturer and supplier of Flat shear blade we use top quality steel to manufacture our various line of shear blades which also includes flat shear blades. As an aftermarket supplier, we have decades of experience in providing replacement shear blades for the major ironworker manufacturers and we have been exporting of various types of shear blades globally..


  • Thoroughly annealed for effective hardiness in knives
  • Provides smooth bur free cutting finish
  • Edge Retention provides longer usage of the cut off knives
  • High Impact Resistant enabling it for efficient punch type tube cutting
  • Durable to perform cutting in robust cutting operations

We are manufacturer and suppliers of various type of shear blades and knives used for wide range of cutting and shearing application  in various industrial cutting solutions which are as follows :


  • Wide selection from a single source.
  • Durable designs.
  • Exclusive features for maximum productivity
  • Flat Shear blades are manufactured with various tooth profiles.
  • In Cutting application, the pitch and therefore the number of teeth are critical. Too few or too large teeth may induce vibration resulting in tooth & saw breakage.

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