Dee Tee Industries Limited is engaged in manufacturing and supply of precision engineered industrial cutting saw blades and knives for wide range of industrial cutting needs. We are exporter to over 65 countries in various continents across the globe and in existence for over four decades backed by high end qualified board of director who have enabled us to be global and with constant enhancement of the quality with perfect combination of manpower and high end machinery to deliver the best. products of international quality


High Quality Slitter Cutter saw blades and knives Manufacturer & Supplier In India
We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of wide range of  Slitting Saw blades and knives for diversified slitter cutter operation applied in various industries for all industrial cutting solutions. We manufacture high precision slitter cutter blades and knives and the sides of the metal slitting saw are grounded with a slight concavity to avoid dragging into cut which provides smooth cutting edge and is bur free edges of the materials which are being cut using the any of our slitter cutter blades. We have unfurled our wings internationally in the supply of slitting cutter blades and knives that are industry’s benchmark for innovation and quality. We strive for dominance and that we have successfully achieved by becoming one of the authentic fine pitch slitting saw blades and knives manufacturers in India.

Quality Control
We have unrelenting commitment on the quality of the slitting cutter saw blades that we manufacture and supply. Durable, Economical, reliable are some of the features that are synonymous with the quality of our sliiting cutter saw blades manufactured by us. The stringent quality test on the finished products enables us to produce slitting cutter saw blades and knives which can match any international quality of the blades and knives produced by us. Inspection of the tool is done at every stage ensuring correct tool at the final stage. Tools are inspected w.r.t. international specifications. High quality raw material from reliable. Our Highly Equipped QC laboratory will all the latest testing machines has enabled us to achieve zero rejects post sales. vendors to ensure production of world class products.

DeeTee Industries caters to global clients and these clients are from following industrial sectors  like